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AC Cleaning and Disinfection

Every home appliance needs maintenance. It is your job to see to it that your appliances at home are all functioning well. It is better to set a budget for the maintenance than to just wait for them to be out of order. Letting those appliances malfunction makes you spend more money and worse, it comes in least expected times. So it is best to manage and check the schedule for maintenance to be done together with the checking. Keeping a logbook or a record can help you not to forget as it may cause some minor problems to worsen. There is no better way to start monitoring the performance of your AC than to make the schedule first with yourself and the service provider.

There are both the do-it-yourself cleaning methods and the process done by your service provider. Choosing a reputable service provider helps you to be sure of the advantages you get.

  • Make sure you have checked with your friends about their services and how it is done.
  • Verify with the authorities on your place for security especially when they go inside your house.
  • Search on the internet for other services they offer and its history and company review.
  • Make sure that it is legal and licensed.
  • If you are asked to sign an agreement, then you have chosen the right AC cleaning company.
  • Don’t choose the one which uses chemicals as disinfectant.

AC systems must be cleaned properly. Its proper cleaning must come with disinfection. It is definitely a fact that you need to have your AC cleaned by the professionals but it must come with the proper way of cleaning the air it gives out. It must come with proper disinfection. This process must be made free from harmful chemicals. Although you may smell refreshing scents, you are still not sure that you are inhaling the right compound. It is always your job to check the contents of the disinfectant to be used and so with the process. Both should be done safely.

As you are already given the pointers for good AC cleaning companies, here are the factors to be checked in cleaning your AC system.

  • All parts are cleaned from the inside to the outside housing.
  • Filter fins are brushed carefully by a gentle brush.
  • Bent filter fins are put back into the right position with a blunt knife.
  • Remove old oil and replace with exact amount after cleaning or replacing the condenser.
  • Be sure that every component is free from debris and dirt.
  • Make sure that the AC is free from any moist.
  • Place back the parts cleaned to their right places.

The value of the money you have spent in purchasing your AC unit won’t be put into waste if you are mindful of its maintenance. Early precautionary steps will be of great help to your expenses. Always have your AC system cleaned by the best company so as to take yourself and your family from respiratory concerns.

Duct Cleaning: The dangers of a dirty AC ducts for kids

Kids are precious in our hearts. They are the gift of life and joy that God had given you. You always make sure that the protection of your kids comes first before your own. Kids are very susceptible to diseases. Pollutants outside your home can be a source of danger, but pollutants inside your home is more dangerous. It may be overlooked at times but the carpets and curtains you use, the aura in your basements, kitchen, rooms, and bathrooms especially air conditioned units pose an eminent threat to the health of your kids and loved ones.

Air conditioning units, vents, grills and filters can be the home of thriving living organisms. A few of the organism live in outlets and inlets inside your home are fungi, bacteria and moulds. As we intake the air circulated by our AC, it causes allergies due to allergens. These allergens can cause coughs, colds and asthma. Try using disinfectants to clean the air inside your room. But changing/cleaning and monitoring of AC filters should be done at least twice a month to ensure over-all health of your unit and to know if there is clogging. You can vacuum and wash filters as needed. A dirty AC is grounds on having frequent headaches, dry eyes, nasal congestion and wheezing, sore throat, nausea, flu-like illness and fatigue. Dirt that has clogged in air filters can result to chronic respiratory diseases according to Hub Pages, 2014.

Avoid smoking, monitor the moisture level inside your home, keep and enclose harmful chemicals outside. Double check and run exhaust fans inside bathrooms and kitchen. Do not forget to open windows as much as possible to guarantee proper ventilation and lighting. These are a few effective ways to keep the air inside your home free from radicals that can harm you aside from cleaning. It can be your first line of protection inside your home.

Neglecting to clean your air conditioning system can be a breeding ground for Legionella bacteria. It causes Legionnaire’s disease. It is life threatening disease that you can usually get when you inhale a mist which contains that bacterium from air conditioning systems, hot tubs and showers. It is not infectious. Symptoms include high fever, chills, and coughs. In some cases patient can experience muscle aches and headaches. It grows in temperature averaging from 68 to 122 Degrees Fahrenheit. This cozy environment inside AC’s the perfect breeding ground for Legionella bacteria.

A clean AC gives off cooler air, thus preventing heatstroke. Heatstroke usually occurs when the temperature outside is higher and our body cannot release the heat absorbed. It is very dangerous.

AC provides benefits and also danger to different individuals. If you own an AC unit be sure that you know how to maintain it properly. Neglect may be the root cause of health problems you are suffering right now. Cleaning is a small price you need to do to ensure that your over-all health is perfect.

What makes a good indoor air quality?

A good indoor air quality is one of the most important components of a dwelling place or a business office. Indoor air plays a major role in the health, well being, and comfort of the occupants of the building. A poor indoor air quality can greatly affect the health of the people inside the building. It can cause asthma, allergic reactions, lung problems, heart problems, and other diseases that may range from mild to serious.

In Dubai, the maintenance of the indoor air quality is very important because the people spend most of their time indoors. If you are a homeowner or a business owner you have to take indoor air quality improvement seriously. So what makes a good indoor quality?

Indoor air has three main components namely; humidity or temperature, amount of oxygen, and the presence of contaminants in the air. Everyone knows that oxygen is important for the proper functioning of almost every muscle in the body. Oxygen is usually present in fresh air. People can usually get fresh air outside their homes and offices.

However, people in Dubai are staying indoors most of the time. It is therefore important that enough concentration of oxygen is present in the indoor air quality Dubai. Sufficient ventilation inside your home or office will help maintain oxygen levels.

Residential and Corporate entities in Dubai usually rely on a good A/C Cleaning Company to deliver good indoor air quality. This is not a bad idea though. A professional A/C Cleaning Company should have the experience and the tools to effectively and significantly improve your indoor air quality.

Humidity and temperature affect the indoor air quality by triggering contaminants. Very high humidity can trigger growth of molds which can contaminate the indoor air. As for the temperature, extremely high or low temperature will make the indoor air uncomfortable. Because of naturally high temperature in Dubai, you must see to it that your HVAC system works properly to assure a good IAQ Dubai. Your home or office must not be too hot or too cold.

Contaminants are another important component t to be considered in maintaining a good indoor air quality. People often fail to realize that indoor pollution can be more dangerous than pollution in the environment. The air inside your home or office can be contaminated and can cause health problems to you, your family, and employees.

Some of these contaminants are harmful gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Carbon dioxide usually comes from humans and animals. Carbon monoxide is produced by machines, chemicals, and other equipments. If these gases have higher concentration than oxygen, you home and office is prone to pollution. Indoor air can also be contaminated by dust, pollens, smoke particles, organic vapors, and tobacco smoke. The use of harmful chemical inside the building may also contaminate the air. The presence of these contaminants in the air can cause to indoor pollution. This is why knowing the state of your IAQ is also important. A reliable A/C Cleaning Company should have the expertise and equipment to test the state of your indoor air.

A good indoor air quality can be determined by sufficient amount of oxygen, proper humidity and temperature, and without harmful contaminants. A good indoor air quality also means that the occupants do not suffer from discomfort due to indoor air. Cleanliness in the home or office also contributes to the quality of the indoor air. The cleanliness of the occupants and freedom from contagious diseases also affects the indoor air quality.

Indoor Air Quality – Sick Building Syndrome

Sick building syndrome (SBS) is used to describe situations in which building occupants experience acute health problems and discomfort effects that appear to be linked to the time spent in a building, but no specific illness or cause can be identified. World Health Organization suggested up to 30% of new and remodeled buildings worldwide may be subject of complaints related to poor indoor air quality. Complains included are irritation of eyes, nose, throat, neurotoxic or general health problem, nonspecific hypersensitivity reactions, odor and taste sensations.

Sick building syndrome is primarily attributed to faulty heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Other sources of the contaminants causing sicknesses are toxic emissions of some types of building materials (radon gas), volatile organic compounds (VOC) from paints and cleaning solutions, molds, improper exhaust ventilation of ozone (byproduct of some office machinery), light industrial chemicals used within, or lack of adequate fresh-air intake/air filtration, or the popular fast and inexpensive ozone shock treatment to eliminate room odor and even molds. This technique may have noxious effects on reactivity to certain materials or chemicals which increase the levels formaldehyde concentration inside the building that can cause more damages to future inhabitants. This technique should be made by experts who are duly registered by the local authorities.

Indications of the sickness can be dealt quickly by the removal of the inhabitant from the room to a better place with more adequate ventilation or exposing them to outside air. Luckily the new green building design goal should be able to avoid or minimize SBS problem sources in the first place, minimize the ongoing use of VOC cleaning compounds, and eliminate conditions that encourage allergenic mold growth. New green building aims to promote more air-exchange, by proper window or vent sizing and location. It allows good air current or movement to prevent stagnation. It minimizes room to get damped and promote the growth of molds.

Here are some Simple Tips from the experts worldwide:

  • Roof shingle non- pressure cleaning for removal of algae, mold, and Gloeocapsa magma.
  • Using ozone to eliminate the many sources, such as VOC, molds, mildews, bacteria, viruses, and even odors however numerous studies identify High-ozone shock treatment as ineffective despite commercial popularity and popular belief.
  • Replacement of water-stained ceiling tiles and carpeting.
  • Use of paints, adhesives, solvents, and pesticides in well-ventilated areas and use of these pollutant sources during periods of non-occupancy.
  • Increasing the number of air exchanges; the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers recommend a minimum of 8.4 air exchanges per 24-hour period.
  • Proper and frequent maintenance of HVAC systems.
  • UV-C light in the HVAC plenum.
  • Regular vacuuming with a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner to collect and retain 99.97% of particles down to and including 0.3 micrometers.
  • Add toxin-absorbing plants, such as sansevieria.

There might be a gender difference in reporting rates of sick building syndrome because women tend to report more symptoms than men do. Along with this, some studies have found that women have more responsive immune system and are more prone to mucosal dryness and facial erythema. Also, women are alleged by some to be more exposed to indoor environmental factors because they have the greater chances in doing clerical jobs, wherein they are exposed to unique office equipment and materials (example: blueprint machines), whereas men often have jobs based outside of offices. This syndrome can be treated with the help of indoor air quality specialist.

Better Indoor Air Quality for a Better Life

Indoor air quality is one of the main concerns with regards to health issues nowadays.

Whether you are spending most of your time at home or at office environment, make sure that the indoor air is breathable, clean and safe. Indoor air quality can affect the overall health of people inside your home regardless of their ages but most of them are infants and kids. We might think that it is more safe to stay indoor than staying outdoor that is why we do not allow our kids to play outside because we are afraid of them to get sick due to air pollution. But the reality is, it is more polluted inside our homes than the outside environment. Poor indoor air quality will accumulate the air pollutants and contaminants at home. This major issue will make people uncomfortable; suffering in different types of allergies, respiratory problems and occurrence of skin diseases. It is very essential to make your indoor air quality better.
Here are some tips:
Home improvement is one of the factors to treat your indoor air quality. Consider the flooring materials which are certified allergens-free like cork flooring and hardwood. These materials can resist the growth of indoor contaminants.

Does staying at home make you sick? It must be the air that you are breathing in. http://buff.ly/1n39diZ 

Opt to use natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning products like vinegars and baking soda to minimize the presence of chemicals inside your home. Organic products are always good for human`s health.

It is necessary to fix the water leaks in ceilings, pipes, roofs to control the growth of molds and some biological contaminants in the interior parts of your house. You should also provide enough and proper ventilation all over the home to improve the indoor air quality.

Indoor air pollutants such as mold, dust mites, smoke from combustion, radon, animal fur, formaldehyde from home appliances and abestos from walls can really affect your indoor air quality. It is important to clean your house by using vacuum on mattresses and carpets. Always make a regular repair and maintenance of your air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems.

Open your windows more often to allow the fresh air flow freely. It will give good circulation of indoor air and results to a better indoor air quality. So, you can breathe fresh air every time you allow it to enter.

However, indoor air quality needs must be our top priority because of the long hours you spent indoors than outdoors. HVAC system such as air purifiers and air filters are wise investment for your family`s health and safety. It should be maintained regularly to avoid poor indoor air quality. Make sure that all of these air conditioning and air purifying systems are efficiently functioning well.

It is always a choice to have a better indoor air quality at home. There are many ways and tips that will improve your indoor air quality. The quality of life matters on the quality of your indoor air. Keeping it good, healthy and safe will surely make your home a better place to live in.

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A/C cleaning Dubai

Dubai is known to experience all types of sand storms many times. That is why maintaining a clean AC can be a little tough for some establishments, even for some houses. Cleaning and maintaining your A/C is not an easy task, you have to be skilled and knowledgeable enough to effectively clean it to produce a clean air. If you cannot maintain a clean AC, then there are lots of companies that professionally do A/C cleaning Dubai that can perfectly do the job for you.

It is very important to keep your AC clean because it is responsible in producing clean air in a certain place, all people can clean it but not all of them know how to properly do it that is why it is essential to hire professionals if necessary. Here is some of the importance of a clean A/C:

  • Breathable air – If you’re a/C is clean, it produces clean air as well. Clean air simply means breathable air, which is very important for your health and all those people who live with you. Clean air also means that your place is free from any kind of bad odors and stagnant air.
  • Save Energy – If you’re A/C is dirty, it struggles to get air, which results to more energy consumption, but if you’re a/C is always clean and well maintained you are sure to enjoy smooth, clean air circulation, and low energy consumption, which is best not only for you but also for the environment.
  • Makes people more productive – If a certain business have clean air, it definitely makes all employees more productive. It definitely helps them focus and concentrate with their work, which surely leads to a job well done.
  • Smooth Airflow – Professional AC cleaning includes air disinfections and ensures smooth airflow throughout a certain place. It is very important to maintain a healthy living and keep your house or a certain place free from any kind of bacteria that can be found in a polluted air.
  • Removes air impurities – Clean A/C can filter all air impurities such as dirt or dust and replace it with absolutely clean air. It also removes molds and bacteria in the air that might cause harmful diseases to you and your family later on.
  • Peace of mind – Knowing that the air that you and your family breathes are clean and free from any kind of molds or bacteria that can cause numerous diseases, can absolutely give you additional security and peace of mind that you would not get anything from it. Clean air is truly stimulates clean living, which is very essential. A/C cleaning Dubai is extremely important to maintain a clean air for you and your family’s vigorous health.

Having an AC in your establishment or in your house is definitely not enough. It should always be clean and well maintained in order for it to function at its best and you can enjoy the wonderful benefits of a perfectly clean environment. A/C cleaning Dubai is indeed the key to a clean and healthy living.

What to Look First When Renting a Home or Office Space? IAQ

Did you hear of issues regarding sick buildings or offices? Indoor air quality is one of the epidemic problems in every closed place like homes and office spaces. An excellent place for home or office should provide an indoor air quality for its dwellers. The health and comfort of the occupants should be the first and foremost concern of the building owners or the landlords. Providing the highest quality of comfort and convenience must be at the top of mind of every home or building owners. Construction and real estate companies should put into consideration the long-term effect of air quality when designing and constructing homes and buildings for their clients.

When the design is well-planned and proper ventilation is considered and implemented, building owners can make sure that their structure could offer the needed comfort and convenience to their occupants. Good ventilation and a convenient space are what renters should look first when looking for a home or office space to rent. Good ventilation can provide an indoor air quality which is favorable for those who are using the space even for a long span of time.

Another thing to look into when considering a rented space is the maintenance of the place like how it is being cleaned or how often it is being scheduled for repainting. Life indoors has a big effect on the physical and psychological well-being of the occupants thus these things shall also be considered. The thermal comfort, lighting and visual qualities are also another areas to be put into consideration.

Breathe well and easy whether at home or office:
Getting air purifiers and humidifiers are one of the important solutions for poor indoor air quality in order to breathe easy at home or at work. According to research, an outdoor air is two to five times cleaner than indoor that is why staying indoor is more dangerous to your anyone`s health. With these different types, shapes and sizes of these devices, you can control the source of sicknesses and boost your indoor ventilation. Indoor air quality problems can be treated quickly with the use of common sense and awareness. Practicing indoor air quality management gives greater impact in indoor environment.

Having a rented place that offers the comfort of your very own home and with good indoor air quality can also provide a secured feeling and peace of mind. The place can also be enhanced when added with plants and different kind of flowers that suits the tenants preference. A wonderful living space especially if you are a family and you have kids to raise is the one that provides an area where you can bond and do things together during your family bonding time. Finally, achieving good indoor air quality can give an ever-all happiness and comfort of the entire family. To ensure indoor air quality, you can take a look on some online services which is one of the leading distributor of 100% guaranteed air purifiers and humidifiers for both home and office space.

Tips in Improving Indoor Air Quality for Office Environment

Are you working in an office? Did you care more about what is inside your office such as appliances, latest paper supplies or other encouraging materials? What motivates you? Are you concerned with the indoor air quality? Did you notice that sometimes you are suffering cough, sneezing or even skin irritation? It is maybe your office has poor indoor air quality. The IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) of an office environment is very essential to the health, comfort and productivity of workers. If you are working in a closed environment, you are more expose to high level of air pollutants and possibly lead to a serious illness and some respiratory problems. Some of the materials and substances used in your office building maybe the reasons to irritations and allergies of the workers. In order to have a healthy working environment for a higher productivity, you should improve the air quality at your workplace. The benefit of this change can result in reducing sick days and loss of profitability.

Here are different ways to improve your indoor air quality at office environment:

Make sure that all air exhausts are free from obstruction to allow the air to circulate freely and ventilate the whole office area. Observe proper disposal of waste to avoid unpleasant odors, growing of molds that contaminate the office surroundings. Have a strict implementation of being non-smoking establishment to evade respiratory problems and breathing problems. Eliminate air contaminants such as solvents, adhesives, pesticides and other chemicals. Ensure that no things are blocking the ceiling and floor, output vents| and even partially obstructed duct because it decrease the flow and circulation of air freshness. Ask help to the HVAC technician to understand better on how the circulation of air affects your indoor air quality. Have well-ventilated areas for office equipment like copiers, fax machines and printers; they are also harmful emissions.

Moreover, it is very important to use high quality air purifier and humidifier to ensure a healthy working environment. There are varieties of products that improve your indoor air quality available in the market and online shops where you can choose the best types of air purifiers. When selecting an air purifier make sure to get what you pay for. Therefore, purchasing an indoor air purifier plays an important role to control your high exposure to indoor allergens. It is a great tool to fight against unhealthy air and reduce the volume of airborne elements throughout the entire office. Also be sure to use the best AC filters to make your workers more effective and efficient. It is your part to ensure good indoor air quality. A heating and cooling system that gives good air quality can maintain the health of office building`s inhabitants. Having well-maintain office environment is very essential and having a good indoor air quality in a Dubai office is a best way to maintain a healthy and more productive working office environment. Keep your employees healthy, happy and more productive.

Indoor Air Quality in Dubai, UAE

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor air pollutants affect everyone in multiple ways. People encounter air pollutants in their work environment and even in the comfort of their own home. Considering the constant exposure everyone faces with air pollutants, it is understandable that indoor air testing plays an important role in the overall health and welfare of all people. Experts list air quality as the fourth largest environmental threat to our health and to the health of those around us. To understand this importance, you must first consider the reasons to conduct air testing in the first place.

Starting with the basics, all indoor environments, and people in those environments, are subject to many types of indoor air quality ( IAQ) pollutants, such as dust mites, insect debris, and the potential for damp environments, which can lead to unseen mold and mildew. Depending on the type of pollutants someone comes in contact with, various illnesses can occur, which include, but are not limited to: colds, coughs, skin or eye irritation, headaches, nausea, and, in extreme cases, even some types of infections or cancers.

The best way to combat pollutants is to first try to eliminate them before they enter your indoor air. However, even though this is the first line of defense against air pollutants, you should first find a quality Dubai AC air testing service to assist you in finding the exact pollutants that are common in your home or business. By using a service to test the air quality in your home, you will be able to learn the types and the levels of the pollutants that are present and the steps that you need to take to prevent them.

Common pollutants to look for that can cause severe health consequences when exposed to are, secondhand tobacco smoke, radon, asbestos and formaldehyde. Secondhand smoke is a high contributor of asthma and other chronic bronchial infections that are driven by the more than two hundred chemicals contained in the smoke in the air. Radon exposure is estimated to be the second leading cause of lung cancer diagnosis behind cigarette smoke.

Asbestos was used in the construction of buildings early in the 1900s and until recent years no one understood the harm that it could cause if inhaled. This pollutant itself is so complex in its many forms that it takes specialists to remove the pollutant from a dwelling in order to not release microscopic fibers into the air that we breathe, which could result in lung cancer or mesothelioma.

Formaldehyde is mainly found in adhesives that are used in many materials such as carpet and particle board. So it stands to reason that most dwellings contain some carpet and some particle board within the structure, and those materials, if under intermittent stress, could stir up this pollutant and cause health problems like headaches, itchiness, and/or eye, nose, and throat irritation.

Now that we know some of the pollutants and potential side effects of continued exposure we must ask, how do we test for pollutants, who should do the testing, and how much will it cost? If you have not had your air tested by a professional Dubai indoor air quality improvement and AC service, it is recommended that you schedule an appointment now, so that you can determine exactly what you are up against. There are do it yourself kits that allow someone with minimal instructions to perform basic testing without costing too much money. However, it is highly recommended that if someone is not confident in their ability to perform these tests that they hire a professional to perform the testing. Professionals, even though at a higher cost, are usually more knowledgeable on air pollutants and are more thorough in their testing procedures. Pricing varies starting around one hundred dollars for the do it yourself kits and potentially in excess of five hundred dollars if performed by a professional.

Once you have had the testing performed and the results are determined, you can begin to take corrective actions on any pollutants that may exist in your indoor environment. For starters, keeping your environment clean and clutter free is the first step that is needed. One of the biggest impacts that you can make quickly is by keeping your floors ultra clean. That means mopping, vacuuming with Hepa filters, and taking rugs and mats outside for cleaning. This may seem like a basic rule of thumb, but it is often one of the items overlooked as a leading cause for indoor air pollutants. A second effective way to fight off pollutants is by running your air conditioner and not just using ceiling or box fans. Air conditioners are designed to pull out the air in a building and push in cooler air. When pulling air out, the air conditioner takes pollutants out with it and replenishes with cleaner air that is pushed through air filters. Taking some of these basic steps will help you and your home or business take your air quality to a new level; positively impacting you and everyone else in your indoor environment.

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Different Aspects Of AC Duct / Vent Cleaning Services In Dubai

AC Duct Cleaning Services are an important project for the improvement of the Air Conditioning capacity. When you are using an air conditioning in your home, you should also take care about its longevity. In this regard a proper maintenance is needed. Channel cleaning of the air conditioning machine you have in your home is the utmost importance. AC duct cleaning services are getting the true importance gradually with the developing number of individuals who are interested in making their homes less stained.

Why the professional cleaners are needed?
Ac channel cleaning alludes to the task of cleaning the poison buzzing around the duct area of the air conditioning machine from where the heat passes through. The AC and air contion vent machines having the dirt in the channel are at a high danger of contamination in the internal part of the house. But the fact is that these things are pretty much poisoning, and influence the health. Distinctive microbes and organisms additionally accumulate in better places. Subsequently, uprooting air ducts to enhance the capacity of the AC machine as well as to enhance the air nature of the inner part of the house is a smart decision. Air conditioning duct cleaning generally alludes to the work of changing of warming and cooling units. Vacuuming the unsafe segments from the AC machine is a fundamental work that every house owner should invest money for that. However, it would be better to consult with the professional duct cleaning services. Of all the professional as duct cleaning services, AC service Dubai has got an eminent position in this particular industry.

Provides a world class cleaning service
The duct cleaning administration Dubai supplies brings the Ac machine in a more comfortable position, which makes an extraordinary arrangement of solace to the individuals. Keeping in mind, the purpose to make the AC machine in the house more workable, it is important to apply a proficient duct cleaner administration after a certain period. It will guarantee the high caliber professional duct cleaning service. It can be assumed that if the ducts are kept for a long time, then it gradually spoils the nature of the air flows inside the house. With the professionals of Dubai duct cleaning service, one can minimize the risks of falling sick as the air poisons will be diminished to an incredible degree. The Expert cleaning service of Dubai has talented and encountered experts to clean up the contaminations of the Ac duct area. With their utmost professionalism, they win customers’ reliance and make a lifelong customer relationship

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Why look for an AC service company to improve Indoor Air Quality in Dubai

Poor indoor air quality can lead to increased allergies and illnesses that may even threaten the health of those inside. There are a number of ways that indoor air quality can be address to help remove the dust, bacteria and airborne particles that tend to fill rooms over time.
What follows are five easy to follow ways to remove airborne particles and improve the quality of the air indoors.  Of course, you can always augment these five tips by opening up the windows and letting the outside air in to clean out the airborne particles as well, something that should be performed on a regular basis.

Duct Cleaning
Proper AC service should include cleaning out the ducts on a regular basis. Just like any part of the building, air ducts can collect dust and debris over time. When the air conditioner is operating, these particles then get blown into rooms. As part of your air conditioner service, have your ducts cleaned on an annual basis or more frequently depending on the building itself. AC companies in Dubai are trained to clean ducts and remove particles and give an overall ac service.

Clean the Floors
Mopping the floors and vacuuming carpets and rugs can remove a great deal of the dust and particles from the room. While it may seem a bit counter-intuitive, most airborne particles have actually collected on floors and inside carpets and rugs, only to be kicked up when walked on. By properly cleaning the floors, you can remove a great amount of these particles.

Replace Air Filters
This simple task can not only help reduce allergens in your building, it can also save you money as well. Part of your regular air conditioner maintenance should be to regularly check, clean and replace the air filter. Dust and debris particles, along with allergens build up in the air filter over time. Regular AC service Dubai companies perform will replace the filters and keep the airborne particles to a minimum. Dubai has a hand full of capable ac service companies that can do this for you.  Just be sure to select a reputable one.

Lower Humidity
Keeping indoor areas at humidity levels of 30% to 50% helps keep down the dust mites, mildew and mold that builds up in moist areas. Plus, other allergens are kept under control when you lower the humidity as well. There are several ways to lower the humidity in households and buildings, the most common is having an exhaust fan present to remove excess humidity when cooking, running the dishwasher or bathing. Another is using the air conditioner to keep temperatures a bit lower, which reduces humidity as well.

Use Natural Air Fresheners
Studies have shown that synthetic or artificial air fresheners emit several different chemicals into the atmosphere, some of which may adversely affect your health. This is because many of these artificial air fresheners are petroleum-based in nature. If you want a fresh smelling kitchen or break room, use all-natural air fresheners such as lemon slices or open baking soda boxes to provide that fresh smell without introducing any harmful elements to the air in the room.

Following these five tips will help reduce the number of airborne particles and allergens and create  cleaner, healthier air for all indoors areas. AC service in Dubai need not be a hassle for you, but keeping them in check is of greater benefit to you and your family.


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How Moulds can Affect You

Mold is certainly one of the more dangerous indoor air pollutants. It can cause allergic reactions, become irritating to the sinuses and even the skin and even create potentially toxic substances if left unchecked. As an indoor air pollutant, mold must be dealt with early before it can become a serious issue inside the home or business.

What Can Mold Do?
The inhalation of mold spores can cause a number of reactions ranging from the allergic to the more toxic and harmful. For the most part, people will have allergic reactions to the presence of mold spores in the air which can include the following;

  • Sneezing, sniffling and runny nose
  • Red eyes
  • Skin rash

Such allergic reactions are quite common and generally are the first sign that mold spores are present in the indoor areas. For those who are asthmatic, mold can cause attacks to occur as well. Continuous exposure to mold can cause irritations that go into the nose, throat and lungs regardless if the person has allergies or not.

How to Combat Mold
There are a number of ways to reduce the presence of mold inside a residence or building. In fact, preventive measures are the most effective weapon in preventing mold from ever becoming an issue. Here are just a few ways to help prevent mold from building up in your home or office area.
Air Conditioner Maintenance: Having regular AC service will result in a clean air conditioner that greatly reduces the potential for mold buildup. In addition to A/C cleaning, the proper elimination of condensation robs mold of places to grow. Plus, the air filters are replaced which reduces the number of airborne particles as well.

Duct Cleaning: In addition to insuring that the air conditioner is clean, the ducts should be cleaned as well on a regular basis. This help reduce the number of places that mold can attach and build over time.

Spotting Cracks in the Roof or Walls: Even with the relatively small amount of rain that occurs in Dubai, having any cracks in the roof or walls can allows outside moisture to come in. This creates the perfect environment for mold to grow. Check your roof and outer walls for any cracks that could lead to having moisture enter your home or building.

Addressing any Damp Areas: Bathrooms are a natural place for mold and mildew to build, so be sure that they are cleaned regularly. Other areas to check are water heaters, pipes and low places in kitchens, under window air conditioner units and any other place where water may gather unchecked. A regular sight inspection on occasion can spot potential mold issues before they become a problem.

For both residences and businesses, contacting your local AC companies in Dubai can help you answer more specific questions about mold and your air conditioner unit. Scheduling regular air conditioning service as well as routine inspections of your residence or building can keep mold in check.

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Signs of Indoor Air Pollution Problems

Whether at work or at home, the problem of indoor air pollution is a tricky one because the signs are not always so obvious. Unlike outdoor air pollution where you can see the smoke coming out of the factories or the exhaust fumes of automobiles, many types of indoor air pollutants are generally invisible with no obvious source.

The Signs of Indoor Air Problems
What follows are just a few signs that you may have issues with your indoor air. Some of the signs are fairly straightforward while others are more subtle and difficult to identify. Whatever the case, if you should notice any of these signs, consider checking the air inside your home or workplace as one of the potential sources.

Widespread Allergies and Colds
Both in the home and at the workplace this is one of the most difficult symptoms of indoor air pollution to properly diagnose. This is because those who are susceptible to allergies will often be the first to show any signs which can be confusing as to the source of their symptoms. Only when those who are more susceptible start showing allergic reactions is the alarm raised.

It’s important to temper your initial reaction by checking air filters, noticing signs of mold or mildew in bathrooms and so forth. If the allergies persist, the checking the air for contaminants is recommended. You can schedule such checks on a regular basis with AC companies in Dubai. Such regular checks can catch potential problems early on.

Higher than Normal Electric Bills
Is your electricity bill a little higher than it should be? If there is no obvious reason why your home or business is using more electricity, it may be because the air conditioner is working harder. The AC unit is one of the biggest drainers of electricity in the home or office. Having regular air conditioning maintenance including changing the filters and checking for areas of moisture due to condensation is crucial towards eliminating this area of potential air contamination.

Getting proper AC service can help rid your home or business of many air pollutants. Check with some of the more reputable AC service Dubai companies and have a clean air conditioner that uses less in the way of electricity to do the job.

Poor Air Flow
This one can be real difficult to spot because air might be moving well in some areas and not in others. If your air conditioner is clean, then you may want to have the ducts inspected to find any buildup of pollutants or other materials which are inhibiting air flow. If your building uses screens at the end of ducts, they can catch much of the dust and debris that builds up, providing you with a visual sign that something is not right.

Proper duct cleaning will remove the pollutants that have embedded themselves in your ductwork. You can schedule regular duct cleaning on an annual basis if you wish or one that is best for the type of work, number of employees and size of the building that you have.
Spotting indoor air pollution early can help save you a great deal of time and expense later on. So if you notice any of the symptoms listed above, check the air indoors.

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Your air conditioner is certainly one of the most important pieces of equipment in your home or business. Especially in Dubai where air conditioners are a must for most of the year, having a clean air conditioner that runs smoothly and efficiently can not only keep you cool, it can also reduce indoor air pollutants, reduce humidity and even save you money.
What follows are five simple tips that can help you improve the overall performance of your air conditioner, reduce indoor air pollution and save money on your electric bill as well. All of these tips are simple to do and air conditioner maintenance that is performed will help your investment last longer as well.

Replace Air Filters
Clogged air filters not only bring more pollutants and airborne particles into the home or office, they also make the air conditioner work harder. Replacing air filters on a regular basis helps keep your air conditioner running smoothly, reduces indoor air pollution and will extend the life of your air conditioner.

Clean Air Ducts
Proper duct cleaning can also reduce airborne pollutants and reduce the strain on your air conditioner as well. While most of the time dust and debris particles end up lining the inside of your air ducts, it is surprising how they can build up even over a short period of time. Such particles are also a fire hazard which means that the sooner they are addressed, the safer your residence or building will be.

Have Annual Maintenance Checks
Proper air conditioner maintenance helps find problems before they happen. For the most part, when air conditioners break down, there are usually warning signs that will precede such occurrences for days, weeks or even months at a time. Having regular air conditioning service will prevent many breakdowns from happening. Contact your AC service Dubai company for more information about getting proper AC service.

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