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Our Training Academy

Saniservice is proud to have partnered with the well-known Little Flower Engineering Institute (LFEI) in the Vera-poly Archdiocese in Kerala, India. The Saniservice Academy empowers the local community and also trains exceptional talent for Saniserviceʼs overseas operations.

The Saniservice Academy recreates complex AC systems and environments within a dedicated space. The aim is to simulate cleaning and disinfection work in complicated environments to train a new generation of experts. Trainees are taken through real-world scenarios in a fully-furnished residential setting complete with parquetry and furniture. The space houses twelve AC systems of varying complexity, and a whole network of ducts.

Apart from giving the regional community a chance to learn valuable technical and vocational skills, the Center also serves as a source of specialist manpower for Saniservice’s international operations and franchise partners. The Institute’s best talent has the opportunity to join the Saniservice team and begin a rewarding career overseas.

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A word from our CEO

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Mike Dekker, CEO