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About Saniservice

About Saniservice

Company Story

Saniservice was set up by Swiss national Francois Larsen almost a decade ago to offer dependable, professional and consistently excellent sanitization and disinfection services.

Francois was new to the field. A financial man by trade, he had spent his career delivering in roles of high responsibility for some of the worldʼs best blue-chip financial services brands. But when he realized just how many communities were clamouring for professionally-conducted AC disinfection, he decided to take action.

Thus Saniservice was born, a brand that is now a market leader in cleaning and disinfection services in the UAE and expanding region wide. Since inception, the brand has served over 9,000 clients across locations including private homes, offices, nurseries, schools, hospitals, ambulances, cars and bespoke yachts. Today, Saniservice sets a new benchmark for professional AC sanitization services region wide.

Our Team

Our teams take great pride in being presentable, professional and able to take initiative – they help us set new standards for professional service in the Middle East.

Saniservice employees are given comprehensive training in AC assembly and disassembly. The Saniservice Technical Academy in Kerala, India, trains experts in real-life scenarios and simulations. The Instituteʼs best talent will join Saniservice teams all over the Middle East.

We also support our teams with reporting and feedback. Our customers are requested to rate their customer service encounter on a five-point scale so we can reward excellence and identify areas of improvement.


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We’ve perfected sustainable disinfection that is healthy for people and the environment. Our products deliver medical-grade sanitization that kills microbes on contact before breaking down into oxygen, hydrogen and water. We meet the highest European standards for safety and environmental protection – which means you can breathe better with a clearer conscience.

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