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Francois B. Larsen

A Message from our Chief Executive Officer

12,000 litres. That is the volume of air a single adult breathes in a single day. Small wonder when that the quality of air that fills your lungs will have an impact on your well-being.

I believe there is a link between health – both mental and physical – and the purity of the air we breathe. Hence, why do people meander through pinewoods or long walks to clear their heads or go on a cruise to deeply inhale the ozone-rich sea air?

Having suffered from asthma during my youth means that indoor air quality is extremely important to me. I am passionate, driven and uncompromising when it comes to creating the right conditions for quality air indoors.

Pure, clean, and healthy air is a necessity, not a luxury. But it’s a necessity that needs to be safeguarded. How often do you get your central air-conditioning units cleaned, and whom you trust with it, is enormously important.

When we established Saniservice back in 2009, it was to further my passion for guaranteeing pure air indoors. We didn’t want to be general AC cleaners. Nor did we want to be jacks of all trades. Our ambition was to focus on a select portfolio of services and deliver them better than anyone else in the market. We wanted to be the gold standard for AC cleaning and disinfection in the Middle East.

Looking back, after having helped thousands of families breathe better air, and hundreds of workplaces improve employee well-being, I’m proud of our consistently meticulous approach to our work.

I am also edified by the overwhelmingly positive reviews from our customers, which have helped associate Saniservice with exceptional quality.

It’s not just expertise and reliability that make us a leader in our field. It’s our entire way of thinking where nothing less than perfection will do. And as I say that, I’m very aware that nothing of what we’ve achieved would have been possible without our teams. They are our greatest assets, and best ambassadors – which is why their training and well-being is foremost for me. Their dedication and determination has led to delighted clients, who in turn have made our reputation.

Place your trusted jobs in the most experienced hands in the region.

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