Coping with the Coronavirus through Hotel Disinfection in Dubai

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The Coronavirus pandemic has left the hospitality and travel industry temporarily paused. Some of the major events not only in the UAE but also worldwide were canceled,  most people were on lockdown or quarantine, airlines on hold and hotels have minimized operations due to travel restrictions. Hotel disinfection in Dubai was highlighted as a necessity.

While these are critical times, there are many ways industries can cope up. Here are some tips to cope with the current situation:

  1. Upgrade Measures of Sanitation & Hotel Disinfection

Dubai is one of the world’s key destinations boasting the highest number of hotel rooms booked every year. This is due to world-class hotels in the country. These hotels do not sacrifice the quality and safety of their guests.

With the current pandemic at hand, it has never been more important to reiterate and upgrade existing measures of sanitation and hotel disinfection in Dubai.

Ensure everyone – from management, to executives, staff, and housekeepers are complying with proper sanitizing practices. For instance, high touch surfaces in rooms like remote controls, drinking glasses and desktops need extra attention.

  1. Communicate Accurate Information to Guests

It is important to keep your guests feel safe and secure while they are within the premises of your hotel. During these times, talks about health are heightened. It is important to convey relevant information to your guests or even prospects who would like to book a room.

  1. Make hand sanitizer available

Guest contact stations such as the front desk, restaurant hostess stand, or even beside the elevators should have hand sanitizers installed in them for easy access to guests and staff. Place short notes and reminders for people to regularly sanitize.

  1. Stock your gift shop

Consider stocking your gift shop with items like Airborne, Emergen-C, Zicam and simple thermometers.


  1. Have an emergency plan in place

In the event of an extended quarantine, it will be useful to have an emergency plan in place. This also needs to be communicated to the staff. A measure would be to continuously disinfect hotel rooms and other guest contact rooms.

There are several companies that specialize in Hotel Disinfection in Dubai. This is recommended especially for large hotels with at least 200 rooms. Professional disinfection companies in Dubai will do the job efficiently and backed by the latest technologies.

  1. Inform staff on procedures in case of infection

In case a member of the staff or a guest becomes infected with COVID-19, it is important to have protocols in place, in accordance with the government guidelines. Make sure these rules are properly disseminated to all the staff.

  1. Publish a fact page on your website

This is a great time to regain the trust of your guests by providing them with information. Publish a fact page on your website with the following information:

  • Description of staff training with safety to prevent spread of disease
  • Things you will do to ensure guests stay well while traveling
  • Following the UAE Rules & Guidelines pertaining to the Coronavirus
  • Useful links or information about the Coronavirus

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Coping with the Coronavirus through Hotel Disinfection in Dubai