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Saniservice Corporate Solutions

Your journey to pure air starts here.

Saniservice Corporate Solutions

Your journey to pure air starts here.

1. Schedule an appointment

When you call with an inquiry via phone, email, social media or online chat, we place your details in our information system and start preparing for your appointment. We ask for floor plans and building layouts so we can better understand the scope of work and identify the specific areas that might need attention during the inspection. We also arrange for necessary permits to access your facility.

2. Inspection

Our team manually inspects your facility and lodge detailed notes and pictures in their custom iPad app. The inspection requires access to your AC system to determine the extent of the work. Your inspection results are fed into our information system to generate a detailed report and prepare a quotation for the service.

3. Planning and Risk Assessment

Once you approve the quotation, we swing into action with detailed documentation and planning. We generate a security and risk assessment, create a methodology tailored to your facility, and prepare a detailed Method Statement for you to agree with. With these steps, we eliminate uncertainty and minimize disruption to your business.

4. Preparation

On the day of the service, teams are given your GPS coordinates so they can find your location easily without having to call for directions. Once at your location, we prepare for the service by covering all furniture, computers, and sensitive surfaces.

5. AC Cleaning

We access and clean your AC system first, with specialized tools used to access every nook and cranny. We pay special attention to the evaporator coils, fan blowers, drainage trays and pipes, and duct grills.

6. Disinfection

Your AC’s evaporators, drainage trays, drainage pipes, blowers, filters, ducts and grills are all disinfected using our 100% chemical free biosanitizer. We even disinfect the air in your area by using a special fogging machine to mist our biosanitizer.

7. Clean up and Restoration

Your premises are then put back in order. We can even perform an optional before and after Air Quality test. Everything done is fed into our information system so you are given a detailed report.

8. Completion Report and Feedback

Our detailed report indicates the work done and includes before and after pictures as illustration. It also identifies AC components that might require repair or benefit from a technical service. Then, we ask you to rate our teams on a five-point scale. Leave a compliment or register a concern. Our Quality Assurance department also follows up to get your feedback and ensure you are satisfied with our service.

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