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Engineering Indoor Air for

Corporate Industry

Engineering Indoor Air for the

Corporate Industry

Engineering Indoor Air for the



Find out why our

Corporate Clients

rely on our Swiss patented technology and standards for their offices and commercial spaces. Our teams have helped hundreds of workplaces improve productivity, reduce absenteeism and enhance the health of their employees.


Corporate Disinfection

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Our Corporate Clients


“I am impressed with your earnest response and detailed attention to address the issues raised, more with your propositions to address the same.

Your team came early this morning to install the dedicated router enabling us to control the scent diffuser unit.  To say I am delighted would be an understatement.  In my years in this region, a service provider who demonstrates professionalism does not come everyday.  It is a bonus when you bump into one!

We recognize the strengths and challenges each member of our respective organizations has.  I trust that Jinu is amongst your highly-skilled resources, and that unfortunate oversight is what was – an unfortunate oversight.  Extend my appreciation to him as well for carrying out the task as assigned.

Lastly, I have expressed our appreciation to your colleague, Nauman.  His communication skills are impeccable, on top of his technical expertise, which is evident at first encounter. “

Aubrey A.
Admin & HR Administrator, MENA
Chubb Underwriting (DIFC) Limited

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