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COVID19 Corporate Disinfection

24/7 Response to Corporate Disinfection needs amid this outbreak

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Offices can be particularly vulnerable to the spread of diseases such as the COVID-19. Studies show that Coronavirus is highly infectious and can live up to 72 hours on surfaces, which can be transmitted through contact.

To ensure employees’ health & productivity are at optimum levels for companies who need to keep their business running as usual, a total office disinfection is key. Saniservice offers a full office disinfection service to keep viruses and bacteria from spreading around your office.

Place your trusted jobs in the most experienced hands in the region.

Saniservice is a leading disinfection company of choice for a growing number of businesses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Get in touch with us to discover how we can provide your business with premium disinfection services, tailored to your specific requirements. Leave your worries to the experts of disinfection.


Corporate Disinfection

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High-Pressure Steam for Deep Surfaces

SaniSteam utilizes high-pressure steam to disinfect your workplaces fabric and upholstery. Steam has the ability to go deeper into the surface of your office sofa, upholstery, and more, leaving no virus behind.

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Hospital-Grade Fogging

We prevent the growth of viruses with our cutting-edge fogging machine that turns our chemical-free disinfectant into a fine mist, reaching all corners and keeps clean air running through your office’s AC system.

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Advanced Electrostatic Spray Technology

Sani360 offers a full surface disinfection using a safe, chemical-free disinfectant. The disinfectant is a negatively charged electrostatic solution which envelopes the whole surface regardless of its shape or form.

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Corporate Disinfection

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“The Coronavirus outbreak has caught us by surprise. Events have unfolded quickly and before we knew it, all commercial stores, public utilities were closed until further notice. We were forced to move all our employees  to work from home, a 24-hour curfew has been set, and Dubai is undergoing a major disinfection drive.

While these are scary and unprecedented times for the private sector, especially for small businesses like ours, I consider the Saniservice team among our frontline heroes and real life-savers. Even before the pandemic, we have trusted them with our regular AC maintenance and  it has been the best choice we have made since.

A week in, we were all adapting to the work-from-home routine, when I had decided to call Saniservice to disinfect and sanitize our branch in JLT. I was expecting a waiting list but that was not the case. The team went out of their way and made sure to stick to the appointment time we had agreed upon (considering the restrictions and permits we needed to acquire). I admire the professionalism of Vijesh and his team and their patience with my questions about the different disinfection devices they use and how it works.

I am greatly convinced that I made the right choice of putting my employees’ health first and over-the-top satisfied with Saniservice’s delivery and execution that made this happen!”

– Ana B., Manager, ABC Consulting, JLT

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