We Promise a Complete Deep Duct Cleaning! No Questions Asked...

Swiss Quality. Complete Deep Duct Cleaning Service

We send out a full team to do the work! We will Clean your Evaporators, Blowers, Drainage Tray, Drainage Pipes and each nooks and crannies of your AC Duct!

We DO NOT use Chemicals

We use Swiss patented Bio Sanitizers that kills 99.999999% of germs and bacteria on contact, yet it is totally safe for you, your kids or your employees.

We follow through with our promise of Quality Service

From our inspection report, to our strict cleaning and disinfection service protocol, to the after service reports and quality control process, we deliver only Quality Service. Our phone lines are open 24/7 for our customers every need!


You may also call our 24/7 Call in Center or Chat with us live!

We are here to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Just Dial 04 3215282 anytime. One of our specialist is always available to assist you!

What we do?

Saniservice is a COMPLETE Duct Service Company based in Dubai, U.A.E. We Clean and Disinfect the air you breathe with our non-chemical, water based Bio Sanitizer imported from Switzerland.

Why choose us?

  • We take Duct Cleaning Service Seriously

    You will never find another company like Saniservice in Dubai. Our Technicians are highly qualified and certified; Their unifors are tailored in house; Our Operations uses state of the art technology, and we are the only AC Cleaning Service Company with a 24 hour Call in Center in the U.A.E.

  • We Guarantee Full Duct Cleaning

    Other companies only clean and wipe your grills. If a company sends out 2 or 3 people to clean your AC system then for sure they will not do an intensive duct cleaning job. We send out a fully equipped team of technicians to make sure that each part is cleaned and disinfected to the highest quality and standards.

  • We care for our Customers

    At Saniservice, we take pride in the way we handle our customers. We have an intensive Customer Care protocol that handles all your concerns any time of the day. We follow up on our work and make sure that each of our clients are happy and satisfied with the job we do.

    At the end of the day, you should be breathing clean and healthy air, and that is what you will get.


Discover more about us

Saniservice is Dubai's first full AC Duct Cleaning service provider since 2009. Watch this short introduction video explaining who we are and what we do.

Find us!

Our Headquarters are located at Al Quoz Industrial Area 3, behind Dubai Driving Center, next to Porsche Service Center.


Call us anytime at 04 3215282
or Chat with us,
we are here for you 24/7

Or learn more by visiting our website www.saniservice.com

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