Grout Cleaning, Disinfection & Sealing by Saniservice

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Get a Free Shower Head with Wonderful Health Benefits for every Service Booking

What is grout and why is it always dirty?

Grout is the gap that holds each tile together. Grout is porous, which means it absorbs water and dirt easily. Grout is a breeding ground for trapped dirt, bacteria, fungus, and molds. Traditional cleaning methods cannot remove these stubborn germs and require professional deep cleaning & disinfection methods.

Clean, Disinfect & Seal Your Grout

Saniservice provides premium Grout Cleaning, Disinfection & Sealing for residential and commercial spaces. We use specialized cleaning solutions and powerful suction equipment to remove deep-seeded dirt in your tiles, apply fresh grouting and change colour, if necessary. 

  • Chemical-Free Disinfection

Using the right cleaners for your surface is critical. A harsh cleaner or disinfectant will just damage tiles and cause stains. This is why we only use a chemical-free biosanitizer to disinfect grouts, allowing it to be fully absorbed into the grout membrane. 

  • Two-Day Service

Our service takes a minimum of two days to complete. This includes the complete cleaning, the disinfection process, the re-grouting, coloring, and the sealing of the grouts. We make sure your grouts look and feel like new.

Learn more about our grout cleaning & disinfection process.

  • Grout Sealing

We seal and apply an extra layer of protection to your grouts. This ensures that your grouts are sealed off and protected from water intrusion, as well as mold and bacteria infestation good for two to three years.

In line with the launch of this new surface disinfection service, we offer a wonderful gift to boost your health – a FREE Aroma Sense shower head when you avail of our Grout Cleaning, Disinfection & Sealing package.

Boost your Immunity with a Vitamin C-enriched Shower Head

Unfiltered shower water can contain an array of chemicals like chlorine, as well as bacteria and fungus. This is absorbed by your hair and skin, and can be harmful to your health. Studies show that skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis, as well as cancer, can be caused by unfiltered shower heads. Switching to a shower head filter is a quick solution to avoid these health hazards.

Benefits of the Aroma Sense Shower Head:

  • Vitamin C boosts your immunity and leaves you with healthy hair and skin – preventing hair loss, dandruff, and graying.
  • Aromatherapy uplifts your mood and relieves stress. The natural aroma oils not only soothe your senses but are also effective antimicrobial agents.
  • Chlorine Removal is essential in producing a less-acidic, clean water that’s healthy for your hair and skin.
  • Negative Ions produced by shower filters revitalize your mind and body and keep you energized throughout the day.
  • Save water consumption by up to 25%, compared to other branded shower heads.

Our Grout Cleaning, Disinfection & Cleaning prices start at 1,900 AED. See our pricing details.

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Grout Cleaning, Disinfection & Sealing by Saniservice