Office Disinfection Checklist

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A clean and disinfected workplace can help improve employee productivity and protect their health. Regular office disinfection and cleaning should be done to ensure a healthy and positive environment.

Each room in your office has its own specific needs for disinfection. Here’s a checklist you can print out for an effective office disinfection for every room of your office or workspace.


Conference Rooms / Break Rooms

The conference room is where all your employees meet in a confined space. It is where people come in and out and where two or three persons might occupy a single chair in different times, making it easy to transmit infections from one person to another.

Proper and regular disinfection of the cleaning room is essential to maintain a clean appearance and hygienic facility for your employees.

  1. Sweep or vacuum hard floorings
  2. Vacuum chair cushions, wipe arm and head rests
  3. Clean dry-erase boards or white boards
  4. Wipe projectors, cords, and electronics
  5. Organize plants and accessories in the room
  6. Use wipes in disinfecting phones and other device
  7. Dust cabinets and shelves
  8. Empty trash bags and dispose them properly

Pantry or Kitchen Area

The kitchen is the second most used part of the office, apart from the normal desk. High-touch surfaces inside the kitchen include the kettles, fridge handles, sink faucets, and cabinet doors. On top of that, the kitchen is where food is prepared and handled. It is crucial to disinfect this part of the office more than the others.

  1. Sweep and clean tile floors
  2. Disinfect tile grouts on the floor
  3. Disinfect the sinks and drains
  4. Clean the sink and drains which may be filled with food debris
  5. Clean and disinfect the microwave
  6. Throw away expired food in the refrigerator
  7. Dishwasher should be cleaned with soap and water solution
  8. Empty trash bag


Lobby or Reception Area

The lobby or reception area is where people from the outside come and visit your office. They carry with them bacteria and germs from outside and bring it to your office. Without proper cleaning and office disinfection of the lobby, it can host a number of viruses that may cause sickness.

  1. Dust and polish furniture with a cleaning solution
  2. Disinfect furniture with a solution (non-bleach)
  3. Disinfect high-touch surfaces including light switch, phones, door handles and knobs
  4. Sweep and vacuum hard flooring
  5. Vacuum sofa or lounges


Washrooms should be preserved in a pristine and clean condition at all times because this is where we do the cleaning. Training the cleaning staff with proper cleaning and disinfection methods would help reduce mold and bacteria build up.

  1. Sweep and mop tile flooring
  2. Disinfect tile grout with bleach and water solution
  3. Test and maintain all plumbing equipment and water works are in good working condition (toilets, urinals, faucets, etc.)
  4. Clean, wipe, or scrub kitchen sinks and water fixtures
  5. Make sure all paper products are refilled (paper towels, tissues)
  6. Disinfect high-touch surfaces such as faucets, door handles, flush, toilet seat cover, soap dispenser
  7. Empty trash bins regularly
  8. Apply some scent diffuser to keep the place smelling clean and fresh


Desks and Cubicles

Your desks and cubicles are also frequently touched. Not to mention your desktop keyboard is more contaminated than a toilet seat. Anything your hand touches can harbor germs and bacteria. Disinfecting office cubicles should be done by each employee.

  1. Mop vacuum floors
  2. Dust and disinfect computers, phones, using wipes
  3. Empty waste bins
  4. Clean desks and countertops, all flat surfaces should be cleaned

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Office Disinfection Checklist