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Allergy Control 2018-02-06T10:29:50+00:00


The Hypoallergenic Lifestyle Concept

Established in 2013, SaniAllergy has been the GCC’s premier source of Hypoallergenic Products online. Our store is renowned for providing only the highest quality products benched marked specifically for the GCC market.


Imported, high-quality and performance Dehumidifiers imported from the UK and Switzerland. Benchmarked and tested by SaniAllergy in-house experts to meet the demands of the Middle East consumers.

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Air Purifiers

Our Air Purifiers are specifically selected not only because of their performance but based on their capability to deliver clean air (CADR). Our Air Purifiers are all imported from the UK and Switzerland and designed to meet the most challenging needs of our consumers.

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Mattress Encasements

Our Mattress Encasement line are designed to control allergens brought about by dust mites and bed bugs. With special fabrics woven to less than 3.9 microns and a choice between 100% pure cotton or cotton-polyester blend, SaniAllergy gives their customers the best option to mitigate bed related allergies.

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