Reasons why your AC is running constantly and how AC Cleaning can fix it

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Dubai heat tends to have the worst effect on many individuals, be it your personal well-being, your lifestyle, or your home. The appeal of having your AC turned on at all times is definitely understandable and wanted, but have you ever stopped to wonder why your AC is running constantly and is still giving off less than adequate results? Rest assured, it is not just the scorching heat. In fact, there could be something up with your equipment as a whole, rather than any of the external contributing factors.

Having your AC constantly running is not generally recommended, for obvious reasons like hefty electricity bills and overworking of the machine, but if you find yourself in a sticky situation as such, there is no need to fret. These common causes will help you figure out why the need for it arises, and how you can counteract it in the most feasible way possible.

  1. Filthy Air Filters

One of the most basic, effective, and easiest ways to redress most problems prevailing in AC units is to check the air filters and clean them up. More often than not, dust and debris tend to form up an unpleasant build-up that needs to be wiped off and eradicated, in order to let the equipment work seamlessly and blow air without any hindrances.

  1. Dirty AC coils

Not only does dirt tend to build up on air filters, but it also smothers the coils present inside the unit as well. The outdoor unit is more prone to dust and debris build-up as it is exposed to everything outside, and hence, the coils need to be properly checked and cleaned whenever you feel like your AC is running non-stop. Here, hiring an AC Cleaning service will do the trick.

  1. Improper size of the unit

It is common to make mistakes while purchasing an AC unit for home, and ending up with one that is too small for the room it is in. In a situation as such, the AC will end up working harder than usual, and not giving off cool air as efficiently as it should, leaving you displeased on a frequent basis.

  1. Unsuitable installation of the equipment

At times, technicians end up doing a lousy job at installing the AC unit, which majorly affects its functionality and output, and it is bound to overwork itself but running constantly. If you feel that is the case with your unit, let the professionals at Saniservice take the lead and fix it for you.

  1. Wrong duct size

The size of the air ducts also majorly contribute to how the AC will perform. In cases where the ducts are not of the appropriate size, they will be unable to handle the constant air flow, or unceasingly strive to disperse cool air to all parts of the house.

  1. Thermostat issues

Another reason why the AC keeps on running is when there is something wrong with the thermostat. The temperature in your home may have reached the desirable limit, but malfunctioning might cause the thermostat to not register it, and subsequently make the AC keep on running for an indefinite amount of time. You can check it yourself by placing another thermostat nearby and monitoring the readings, or by calling up a professional service and letting them figure it out.

  1. Air Leaks

One may think this not have a monumental effect, but not having the house sealed up while the AC is running will apparently let the cool air escape, and your AC will have to work harder and longer in order to make up for the lost air. Therefore, having your home sealed and insulated is of utmost importance in terms of your equipment’s life and efficiency.

  1. AC needs cleaning and maintenance

Having said that, it is crucial for your unit to undergo a thorough AC cleaning process every now and then. Proper AC cleaning by professionals will not only ensure clean air around the house and maximum efficiency, but it will also prevent the equipment from running constantly and overworking itself. And in Dubai, Saniservice should be your number one contact whenever you need to avail some AC related services.

  1. AC unit needs a replacement

Like all other electronics, AC units also come with a life expectancy that is bound to run out sooner or later. Old equipment will not diminish in efficiency, it will tend to overwork to make up for all that it is lacking. Have the technicians take a look at your unit, and find out if it’s about time you invest in a new one.

In fact, contact the best AC Cleaning Dubai, and you will have the solution to all your aforementioned problems pertaining to a non-stop running of Air Conditioners.

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Reasons why your AC is running constantly and how AC Cleaning can fix it