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Residential Solutions

100% chemical free AC disinfection for your home, delivered by well-trained professional teams.
Breathe easier and safeguard the well-being of your loved ones.

Our Expertise

Over 6,000+ clients rely on our Swiss patented technology and expert teams. We have cleaned over 36,000 units and sunk countless hours in training so that we can deliver impeccable service every single time.

Our Promise

Saniservice is the gold standard in AC disinfection in the region. Our teams have helped thousands of families improve the quality of the air they breathe, eliminate bacteria and allergens, and safeguard the health of their loved ones.

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Follow-up Care

At Saniservice, we believe in creating relationships. Once you’ve availed yourself of our first service, we will contact you every three months to offer you our reasonably priced quarterly service to keep your AC germ-free and working properly all year round. Exclusively for our existing clients, we can also arrange for a comprehensive technical maintenance service.

Place your trusted jobs in the most experienced hands in the region.

Get in touch with us anytime.
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