Saniservice Core Values: Passion for Quality

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For us, quality is not an act, but a habit. We know that quality is only ever possible as a direct result of high intention. That’s why we set ourselves strict goals and high benchmarks.

For us, quality means preparation, dedication, and persistence. It means paying attention to every single detail and making minute improvements every day. It means creating a “Right First Time” culture of service delivery.

We understand that our definition of quality needs a compatible organizational culture. That’s why we have a corporate culture of competence, where every single team member is encouraged to achieve the highest possible quality standards.

Quality also requires investment – in people, processes, and technology. We equip our teams with all the tools they need to perform above expectation. More importantly, still, we instill in every team member a sense of pride – in themselves, and their work, so they can represent the Saniservice brand in the right manner.

At Saniservice, quality also means conversation. We have structured quality control processes that are very responsive to customer comments. We pride ourselves on quickly turning customer concerns into customer delight.

We believe in feedback. Our customers are encouraged to rate our teams after every job. Our teams are also monitored daily and are given incentives to perform above and beyond the call of duty. Every month, we choose a “Best Team of the Month” based on client feedback, with every member of the team awarded a special achievement bonus.

Quality is never an accident. It’s something we aspire to and plan for, every single hour.

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Saniservice Core Values: Passion for Quality