Saniservice Launches 24-Hour Quick Response Team

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In light of the recent events caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, we understand that there is an immediate need to extend our operations and find better ways to serve our customers to cope with this unprecedented health crisis. Saniservice has launched a 24/7 Quick Response Team dedicated to answer queries about our disinfection services and make priority bookings for facilities (residential apartments, villas, offices, warehouses, schools, nurseries, etc.) with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases. Simply dial our 24-hour hotline: 800 – SANI (800 – 7264), to quickly connect with our representatives. Upon confirmation, our call center representative will then assign technicians to your area for a free inspection and assessment. We offer customized solutions based on your needs. Our

​Total Disinfection Solutions may include any or all of the following disinfection methods:

  • High-Pressure Steam

SaniSteam utilizes high-pressure steam to disinfect your home or workplace. Steam has the ability to go deeper into the surface of your mattresses, sofa, upholstery, and more, leaving no virus behind.

  • Electrostatic Spray Technology

Sani360 offers full surface disinfection using a safe, chemical-free disinfectant. The disinfectant is a negatively charged electrostatic solution which envelopes the whole surface regardless of its shape or form.

  • Hospital-Grade Fogging

We prevent the growth of viruses with our cutting-edge fogging machine that turns chemical-free disinfectant into a fine mist, reaching all corners and keeps clean air running through your AC system.  This strategic response plan supports public health measures implemented by international and local communities. Saniservice is ready to provide support and respond to COVID-19.

About Saniservice

Saniservice has been providing residential and commercial clients with the gold standard of disinfection. Throughout the years, we’ve tested, honed, refined, and revised continuously to guarantee a level of professionalism unmatched in the market.

​We are the leader in providing avant-garde, total home and office disinfection solutions in the UAE and the region. Our Swiss-patented disinfectant is 100% chemical-free & eco-friendly, kills 99.9999% bacteria and viruses, and is certified Human-Grade (safe for humans & pets).

Our teams have helped more than 8,000 families and businesses improve the quality of their indoor environment by eliminating bacteria and viruses, and safeguard their family and employees’ health. Our services are categorized under

3 Main Divisions & Cutting-Edge Concepts:

  1. AIR
  • AC Cleaning & Disinfection
  • Scent Diffusion System
  1. WATER
  • Water Tank Cleaning & Disinfection
  • Water Filtration
  • Steam Disinfection
  • Electrostatic Spray Disinfection
  • Grout Disinfection
  • Pest Control

     4.  Concepts

  • Pristine Room
  • SaniAllergy

Learn more about our disinfection services, visit our website www.saniservice.com.

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Saniservice Launches 24-Hour Quick Response Team