Surprising reasons why you need to schedule an AC Cleaning ASAP!

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With spring just around the corner, we bet you’re just as excited to welcome the blooming season as we are. And in Dubai, it certainly needs a lot of planning and anticipation, in terms of home management. You must have taken care of all the major issues by now, but we’re here to remind you to not neglect your AC unit while you’re at it. You’re probably aware of how much seasonal AC cleaning in Dubai is recommended, but there are a lot of other reasons why you should totally get a cleaning procedure done. We’ve listed down a few of them for your convenience, some of which will not only surprise you but will definitely urge you to call in the professionals at the earliest.

Get a head-start

With summer approaching sooner than you think, you will be in dire need of having your air conditioner on at all times. We understand the appeal of procrastinating and leaving things up to the last minute, but not taking out time to schedule an AC Cleaning earlier will only make you face hindrances when heat waves finally start hitting you. Beginning from March and going up to peak summer months, sanitizing companies and their services are highly demanded by every homeowner who is looking for the best possible outcome from the AC equipment. And in such a scenario, many companies may not be able to take up on your offers when you need them to or provide a haste service as they’d have hundreds of other clients to cater to. Therefore, it is always beneficial to get a head-start on this and get your AC serviced and your ducts cleaned ahead of time.

Prevention of major repairs by identifying early damages

Average homeowners in Dubai, no matter how much they partake in cleaning and home maintenance, often tend to neglect air ducts, or lack the proper knowledge to identify damages that must have made their way into their AC equipment. Professionals from a cleaning company are equipped with instruments and techniques which help them identify damages that are not so apparent, and can possibly nip it in the bud or provide you with an appropriate solution. This way, you are safe from spending a huge chunk of money on major repairs, and your AC equipment can function better than usual.

Older equipment can last longer than you think

More often than not, we tend to rule out older AC equipment when they start lagging or performing inadequately. While it is understood how older equipment needs an upgrade, it is also not recommended to give up on it completely before running it through a professional check. Trained personnel can help you tremendously in this matter, as they will run a thorough check on your equipment and can decide whether it just needs a service, or definitely needs to be given up. You may be surprised to find out your trustworthy equipment can still go strong for a few months, if not the entire season.

Air quality may not be up to the mark

Have you or your family been experiencing severe health issues, particularly in the vicinity of your home? If yes, and all other factors seem unlikely to contribute, it is time you take a look at your air ducts. Or better yet, hire a professional cleaning company and have them inspect the whole ventilation system. It is likely that your air ducts may have been neglected, leading to an unpleasant build-up of mold, dust, debris, bacteria, and all unwanted things. This, in turn, tends to contaminate the air which you’ve been breathing constantly, and are prone to health risks more often than usual. Thus, it is better to be safe than sorry and schedule an AC Cleaning appointment as soon as possible.

Constantly rising electricity bills

When your AC hasn’t been serviced in a while, turning it on after sitting idle for a long amount of time will only make it work harder than it should. Some may think it’s a good thing, but overworking majorly affects the life of the equipment, in a negative way. In addition to that, it contributes to a rise in electricity bills, which nobody wants to deal with, especially as a resident of Dubai. Hence, proper cleaning is what your AC needs for your home’s betterment.

These reasons are more than enough to go forth with scheduling an AC cleaning and rest assured, there is nothing better than Saniservice in Dubai & the UAE and availing their top-notch service AC Cleaning Dubai.

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Surprising reasons why you need to schedule an AC Cleaning ASAP!