The ‘Rolls-Royce’ of AC Cleaning

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We’ve been providing residential and commercial clients with the gold standard of disinfection services for almost a decade. Through the years, we’ve tested, honed, refined and revised almost continuously to guarantee a level of professionalism unmatched in the market.

Our story starts in March 2009, when we tried registering as a disinfection service under the name Sanicar. Back then, our business model simply didn’t exist as a category in the ledgers of the Department of Economic Development.

It took a few weeks to get our category of business added to the records, after which we took proud ownership of a brand new license. Sanicar became the very first firm in Dubai to formally operate as a “Disinfection and Sanitisation Company”. It was at point that we realised the significance of the journey we were embarking on.

An initial team of 8 began offering vehicle AC disinfection services. Our goal was to go to clients, and service cars wherever they were parked – using fully-equipped vans packed with equipment.

Later that year, the bird flu scare shook the world. Disinfection was key to containment, and Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) recognised this immediately. We were contracted to provide daily disinfection for their entire fleet of airport taxis. Dubai was only the second city in the world – after Hong Kong – to provide this extra level of security to passengers.

Disinfecting a fleet of hundreds every single day posed a significant challenge. But Sanicar’s small and busy team rose to the occasion, and harnessed the latest technology to serve our cause. We relied on a 100% chemical-free medical-grade disinfectant that rapidly broke down into water and oxygen after application. Customers could board disinfected taxis seconds after our team had finished – which kept passengers on the move and the airport humming without disruption.

We had demonstrated our worth. But now, our customers wanted more. The market wanted us to bring the same levels of expertise and professionalism to buildings and homes.

In 2010, we complied with our clients’ wishes. We officially changed our name to Saniservice, and started offering residential and office AC sanitisation. The move prompted growth. Year after year, we took on new clients and trained new team members to cope with demand.

In 2013, we installed ourselves in a new headquarters in Dubai’s Al Quoz area to give ourselves room to grow. Today, we’ve grown from an initial team of 8 pioneering people to a complement of 75 people – 60 of whom are frontline technicians.

Our size and capabilities may have changed for the better. But our ethos remains much the same – to bring meticulous care, expertise and preparation to each job, and leave behind satisfied clients and purified, healthy air.

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The 'Rolls-Royce' of AC Cleaning